June 23, 2024

Palestinian-American teen one of hundreds killed by Israelis in West Bank


A 17-year-old Palestinian-American Tawfiq Ajaq has become one of the 369 individuals who lost their lives to the violence perpetrated by Israeli troops and settlers in the occupied West Bank since October, with 95 of them being children. Tawfiq’s grieving father, Hafez Ajaq, passionately urged Americans to witness the relentless violence, emphasizing the utilization of U.S. tax dollars to support weaponry causing harm to Palestinian children.

Born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana, Tawfiq and his family relocated to the village of al-Mazraa Asharqiya last year to reconnect with their Palestinian roots. The atmosphere at Tawfiq’s funeral on Saturday was marked by grief and anger, as his father described Israeli forces as “killer machines.” Crowds filled the village streets and a vigil at the Masjid Omar mosque in Harvey, New Orleans, attested to the widespread impact of this tragic incident.

The circumstances surrounding Tawfiq Ajaq’s death remain unclear. According to a relative, Tawfiq and a friend were having a barbecue when he was shot twice—once in the head and once in the chest. Conflicting reports suggest that Israeli forces may have been involved, raising questions about the accountability for the incident. Defense for Children Palestine highlighted the recurring challenge of confirming whether a settler or soldier was responsible for such tragedies.

Calls for an “urgent investigation” into Tawfiq Ajaq’s death have been made by the United States Office of Palestinian Affairs. The United Nations humanitarian agency OCHA reported the incident in its daily update, noting the uncertainty about whether Israeli forces or settlers were responsible for the fatal shooting. As tensions persist in the occupied West Bank, this unfortunate event adds to the complexities of the region’s ongoing conflicts, echoing broader concerns over the toll of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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