July 13, 2024

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag declares Marcus Rashford Situation “case closed” amidst controversy


In a press conference on Wednesday, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding Marcus Rashford’s absence from the FA Cup tie against Newport, staunchly stating that the matter is now “case closed.”

The manager claimed Rashford was sidelined due to illness on Friday, though reports suggest the forward spent Thursday evening at a Belfast nightclub before missing training the next day.

During the post-match interview after United’s 4-2 fourth-round victory in south Wales, Ten Hag asserted, “He reported ill. The rest is an internal matter. I deal with it, we will deal with it.” Rashford’s on-field performance has been a topic of scrutiny, with the 26-year-old scoring only four goals this season. The manager has previously criticized Rashford’s off-field behavior, labeling his decision to attend a nightclub party after October’s 3-0 derby defeat by Manchester City as “unacceptable.”

Ten Hag, who has faced disciplinary issues during his tenure at Old Trafford, highlighted a perceived “no good culture” upon his arrival at Manchester United. This statement came in the wake of winger Jadon Sancho’s recent departure on loan to Borussia Dortmund after a falling out with Ten Hag. Rashford had previously faced consequences for his actions, being dropped from a Premier League match against Wolves last season for arriving late to a team meeting.

As United gears up for Thursday’s match against Wolves, Ten Hag remained firm in his stance, stating, “He [Rashford] has taken responsibility, and for the rest, it’s an internal matter — case closed.” Pressed further on the issue, the manager reiterated his stance, emphasizing that the matter is closed for discussion.

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