Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Google unveiled its rebranded ChatGPT-style chatbot, now named Gemini, on Thursday, marking a strategic move in the intensifying AI race with Microsoft. The renaming, from Bard, comes a year after Google’s rapid deployment of the chatbot to keep pace with Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

Since their inception, these chatbots have evolved beyond text generation, now capable of producing images in response to simple queries, leveraging vast amounts of internet data for their responses. With the rollout of Gemini, Google emphasizes its integration into its product ecosystem, notably featuring a prominent link within the Google app for iPhones, positioning the AI chatbot as a pivotal aspect of the user experience, akin to its core search functionality.

In tandem with the rebranding, Google announced the release of Gemini Ultra 1.0, its most advanced generative AI model yet. This high-powered variant will be accessible as an enhanced chatbot subscription service, priced at $20 per month in 150 countries, initially offering support exclusively in English. Additionally, Google will offer two other versions, Gemini and Gemini Advanced, as standalone apps on Android devices and integrated within the iPhone Google app.

However, regulatory complexities in Europe currently hinder the availability of these applications in the region, as Google navigates the necessary compliance frameworks. The timing of this announcement coincided with Microsoft’s unveiling of its revamped Copilot app, formerly known as the Bing chatbot, further underscoring the escalating competition in the AI chatbot space.

In their marketing efforts, both Google and Microsoft emphasize the potential of generative AI chatbots to stimulate online creativity, addressing lingering uncertainties regarding their long-term utility. Microsoft notably plans to showcase its Copilot app with a commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl, illustrating the significance both companies attribute to promoting their respective AI chatbot offerings on a global stage. vity online.

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