Fri. May 17th, 2024

Russia launched a “massive” missile strike on Ukraine overnight, damaging four power plants in a continued assault on the country’s energy infrastructure, Ukrainian officials reported on Saturday. The attacks led to significant damage, further straining the nation’s already precarious energy supply. At least two people were killed, and more than ten were injured in Russian shelling across the country.

Recent Russian missile strikes have targeted key energy facilities, leading to significant disruptions in electricity production. This latest attack damaged infrastructure in the Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv regions. “The enemy has once again attacked the country’s energy infrastructure,” the Ukrainian army said in its morning update. Energy Minister German Galushchenko confirmed the damage to critical energy equipment on social media.

In response to the missile attacks, Ukraine’s air force shot down 21 out of the 34 missiles launched by Moscow, according to Ukrainian military sources. However, the damage inflicted by those that breached air defenses was extensive, with four thermal power plants heavily impacted. The DTEK power operator described the equipment damage as “severe,” and state electricity operator Ukrenergo took preventive measures, including disconnecting main overhead power lines in the western part of the country to contain further damage.

In light of the energy crisis, officials have urged the public to conserve electricity. “We ask all consumers to use electricity sparingly,” Ukrenergo stated, encouraging industries to maximize electricity imports and households to avoid using high-consumption appliances during peak hours. The head of the Lviv region requested residents refrain from using kettles, irons, washing machines, and microwaves between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

As Ukraine struggles to restore its energy supply, it also launched one of its largest drone attacks on Russia’s southern Krasnodar region overnight. A Ukrainian defense source claimed that drones targeted two oil refineries and a military airbase in the region. Russian officials reported significant damage, including a fire at the Ilsky and Slovyansky refineries, causing partial suspension of operations. Moscow’s defense ministry stated that 66 Ukrainian drones were intercepted in the Krasnodar region and two over the Crimean peninsula.

The escalating conflict comes as Russia prepares for nationwide celebrations on May 9 to commemorate its victory in World War II. Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to await the arrival of critical U.S. weaponry, underscoring the ongoing challenges in the conflict’s rapidly changing dynamics.

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