Sat. May 25th, 2024

Nearly 100 schools in Delhi and its surrounding areas were evacuated following a series of fake bomb threats that were emailed to them. The scare caused significant disruption, with thousands of students evacuated while authorities conducted thorough searches across multiple locations.

Authorities quickly determined that the bomb threats were a hoax, finding no evidence of explosives during their exhaustive searches. Despite this, the gravity of the threats prompted a strong response from Delhi’s police and fire services, who deployed dog squads and bomb disposal units to ensure public safety. Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena confirmed that schools receiving threats had been cordoned off as part of ongoing security operations.

In a statement to local media, Lieutenant Governor Saxena emphasized the need for calm, assuring the public that Delhi’s police and emergency services were fully equipped to handle the situation. He urged parents and the general public not to panic, reiterating that no credible threat had been detected. Fire Services sent crews to the affected schools, but their investigations yielded no suspicious findings.

The origin of the emails has been traced, and an investigation is underway to identify those responsible for the hoax. Delhi Police, in coordination with the federal home ministry, are investigating the source and motives behind the fake threats. A senior Delhi Police official disclosed that some hospitals in the capital had also received similar threatening emails, further indicating that the objective was to spread panic across the city.

Public relations officer Suman Nalwa told ANI news agency that the current evidence suggested that the threats were meant to create chaos. She assured the public that law enforcement was taking the matter seriously and that security had been tightened at various locations as a precautionary measure.

Delhi’s Education Minister Atishi confirmed that the government was working closely with the police and schools to monitor the situation. Regular updates are being provided to keep the public informed, with officials reiterating the importance of remaining calm and allowing authorities to conduct their work without interference. Despite the disruptions caused by these false threats, the city’s focus remains on ensuring the safety and security of its residents, especially students.

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