Sat. May 25th, 2024

Muslim Media Corporation (MMC), the publisher behind Parkchester Times, New York Parrot, Africa Parrot, and Muslim Parrot, proudly announces the launch of its latest venture, Bronx Post. Dedicated to amplifying the voices of Bronxites and reshaping the narrative of the borough, Bronx Post aims to provide comprehensive coverage of local issues and celebrate the diverse communities within and beyond the Bronx.

Bronxites have long deserved a platform that accurately reflects their experiences and aspirations. As a media outlet committed to constructivism and objectivism, Bronx Post will champion peace, unity, societal values, culture, and progressive lifestyles within the Bronx and its neighboring areas. This is why at the Bronx Post, our slogan is Changing Reality, Changing Narrative.

Launching amidst National Small Business Month, Bronx Post recognizes the vitality of local entrepreneurship and endeavors to highlight the achievements and contributions of small businesses throughout the borough. By focusing on the untold stories and positive developments within the Bronx, Bronx Post seeks to challenge prevailing narratives and foster a more nuanced understanding of the community.

The launch ceremony for Bronx Post will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Khalil Halal Restaurant, located at 2062 McGraw Ave, Bronx, NY 10462. The event will feature public officials, notable speakers and community leaders, including David Ahmed Coulibaly, Special Advisor and Director of Community Services at the Bronx Borough President’s Office. Additionally, Famod Konneh, Associate Commissioner at NYC Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs Unit and a strategic figure renowned for his role in community development, will be be the keynote speaker for the event.

“We are thrilled to launch Bronx Post and provide a platform for Bronxites to share their stories and perspectives,” said Mutiu Olawuyi, CEO of Muslim Media Corporation. “Through Bronx Post, we aim to uplift the community and promote a more inclusive and accurate portrayal of the Bronx.”

Bronx Post therefore invites members of the press, community leaders, and residents to join in celebrating the launch and to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the future of the Bronx.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Sheikh Musa Drammeh at 718-822-5555 or email us at

About Muslim Media Corporation:

Muslim Media Corporation, incorporated in New York and Dakar, is a leading Muslim and African-owned media and publishing company dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and informed dialogue through its diverse portfolio of media outlets. With a commitment to journalistic integrity and community engagement, Muslim Media Corporation strives to empower voices from all backgrounds and foster a more connected and understanding society. MMC promotes and supports deradicalization, inclusivity, peace advocate and healthy lifestyle through media and direct community engagement.

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