June 16, 2024

Mayor Eric Adams hosts reception at in commemoration of Jewish heritage month

New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, recently convened a reception at the historic Gracie Mansion, marking a vibrant celebration of Jewish Heritage Month.

The event was attended by Consul General of Israel in New York, Ofir Akunis, Israeli mayors, and members of the Jewish community.

In his opening remarks, Consul General Akunis thanked Mayor Adams for his support and dedication to the Jewish community. He emphasized the importance of brave leadership in challenging times, citing the rise in antisemitism and hatred. Akunis praised Adams for his unwavering support for Israel and his commitment to combating hate and bigotry.

Joel Eisdorfer, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, introduced Mayor Adams, highlighting his dedication to the Jewish community and his commitment to fighting hate. Eisdorfer praised Adams for his moral clarity and conviction in speaking out against hate.

Mayor Adams delivered a passionate speech, emphasizing the need to stand up against hate and bigotry. He highlighted the importance of unity and embracing diversity, citing the city’s rich history of participation and inclusivity. Adams praised the Jewish community for their resilience and contributions, emphasizing that hate has no place in New York City or anywhere else.

The event also featured remarks from Scott “Scooter” Braun, who brought a memorial exhibit to New York to honor the victims of the October 7th attack in Israel. Braun praised Mayor Adams for his unwavering support and commitment to fighting hate.

Dr. Shoshan Haran, a hostage released after 50 days in captivity, shared her powerful story, emphasizing the need for unity and support in fighting for the release of remaining hostages. Montana Tucker, a singer and actress, also spoke, emphasizing the importance of using one’s platform to combat antisemitism and hate.

The event concluded with Mayor Adams presenting awards to individuals and organizations, including Chaverim, for their contributions to the community.

Overall, the reception celebrated Jewish Heritage Month and emphasized the importance of unity, inclusivity, and fighting against hate and bigotry.

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