June 16, 2024

Community leaders, officials rally against antisemitic attack in Brooklyn


In a robust demonstration of unity and defiance against hatred, JCRC-NY, UJA-Federation of NY, Assemblymember Jaime Williams, and a coalition of community partners and elected officials held a press conference today to condemn a horrific antisemitic attack that occurred in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

On Wednesday, a man allegedly shouted “I’m gonna kill all the Jews” at a group of Jewish pedestrians near a yeshiva and attempted to run them over with his car. This despicable act prompted an immediate and strong response from a diverse array of leaders and organizations.

The press conference brought together prominent figures including:

  • NYS Assembly Member Jaime Williams
  • Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso
  • NYC Council Member Kalman Yeger
  • NYS Assemblymembers Alec Brook-Krasny and Michael Novakhov
  • Mark Treyger, CEO of JCRC-NY
  • Rabbi Bob Kaplan, Executive Director of the Center for Shared Society, JCRC-NY
  • Daniel Rosenthal, VP of Governmental Affairs at UJA-Federation of NY
  • Rabbi Avraham Hecht, CEO of JCC of Canarsie
  • Mohammad Razvi, CEO of COPO
  • Pastor Leslie Milord, Beraca Baptist Church
  • Moshit Rivkin, Executive Director of the Hebrew Educational Society**
  • Pastor Edward Hines, President of the God Squad
  • Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, President of Interfaith Center of USA & Board Member of Imam Council of NYC
  • Father Tom Leach, Diocese of Brooklyn
  • Reverend Moonsam, President of Canarsie Clergy Council
  • Commissioner Fred Kreizman, NYC Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit
  • Gil Cygler, AJC

Mark Treyger, CEO of JCRC-NY, condemned the attack, stating, “No community should ever have to fear a dangerous attack intentionally targeting students because of their faith and identity. We cannot and will not tolerate such blatant acts of hatred and violence targeting Jews or anyone else.”

Rabbi Bob Kaplan emphasized the personal impact of the attack, which occurred near his childhood home, underscoring the deep roots of the community affected.

Elected officials, including Assembly Member Jaime Williams, declared their commitment to combating such violence. Williams stressed, “We must not tolerate for one minute those who would divide us.”

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso reaffirmed Brooklyn’s stance against hate, saying, “Nobody should have to fear being the target of a hate crime while walking on Brooklyn’s streets. I am proud to stand in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors against this spike in antisemitism and am committed to joining advocates and colleagues to end this scourge of hate in our borough.”

Faith leaders across various religious communities, such as Pastor Milord, Mohammad Razvi, and Rabbi Hecht, delivered heartfelt calls for unity and mutual understanding. Imam Muhammad Shahidullah eloquently stated, “Antisemitism is not just a Jewish issue; it is a human issue. An attack on one community is an attack on all of us.”

The speakers also expressed gratitude to the NYPD and Shomrim for their swift action in apprehending the perpetrator, who has been charged with attempted murder and hate crimes.

The press conference was a powerful display of solidarity, highlighting the community’s resilience and determination to stand against bigotry. The event concluded with a collective call for vigilance and continued efforts to foster mutual respect and understanding.

JCRC-NY extended heartfelt thanks to Assembly Member Jaime Williams for her leadership in uniting community voices against this disturbing act of hatred.

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