July 18, 2024

Business Manager’s Let’s Respect Our Frontline Workers At Work


Former New York State Democratic Committee Member an owner of the Hip Hop Movement Ron Savage says he thinks it’s too early to reduce or get rid of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

There is not even a cure for this virus as yet and the government in some states is lifting the stay at home order. In Atlanta was one of the first states to give the ok order for nail salons, barbershops, bowling alleys, and things like that to open back up this is a direct target at the black community making African Americans guinea pig targets for this virus Savage said.

Why can’t a state like Kentucky be an experiment State it’s always the black community said Savage. People like myself are still waiting for this stimulus check that has never come, I really think this was just a gimmick to have people want to reelect Donald Trump for president because he gave people supposedly free money, he even had the audacity to put his name on the stimulus checks going to individuals.

Ron Savage also says it’s about safety, it’s great to see that New York City has not rushed to judgment to lift any ban in the city as yet, this is a real serious virus and still not even understood. Every State needs to really be smart about this and stay the course of social distancing and keeping mask and gloves on at all times.

Speaking about safety and not to switch gears says Savage, but it is a crying shame when I see a security manager of an independent security company put a high profile individual life in danger who also is doing security part-time aside from being an activist and also working for the same security company as this manager whom she deliberately put his safety in danger because of her alleged selfish, unprofessional ways. She deliberately took some access off of this officers ID card so that he would not be able to go in the booth at his post to get a chair to sit down on which the supervisors gave him permission to go into the booth and take the chair out as long as he puts the chair back when he gets off of duty. Another access that was taken off of his ID card was to an exit door leading to the lobby from his post, the violation of safety comes to play because of the post where the officer is station anyone from the street can walk into the building to we’re his post is at and if he was in any kind of direct danger from an outside stranger, he would not be able to access out of the exit door to safety because she removed access off of his card to go through this exit door, therefore, putting his life directly endanger. The officer is ruled as disabled and having a disability due to Osteoarthritis in his knee.

This officer is authorized by HR to sit down. When this security manager came to his post during the daytime says Savage, he was sitting down during downtime, the building employees are working from home due to the COVID-19 virus so there is very little traffic in the building. This manager Savage said also had supervisors go around and take the chairs away from post so that the officers cannot sit down on post because when she came during the middle of the night and an officer was sitting down on a chair outside on his post during the graveyard shift to which the site-building is closed during this time.

This insensitive kind of act has been going on for a while at this site. This same security manager Savage said violated the civil rights of all the security officers at that site when she stated the officers cannot go into the building public Plaza at any time in front of the site-building. This was a deliberate violation of the New York City Commission on human rights. This insensitive act got the attention of a State Assemblymember who contacted the building and immediately the officers were allowed to go into the public Plaza because the building owners had no idea that this security manager had done this because this did not come from the building or the company that contracted the security company.

I’m telling this situation to remind everyone that we are still in a pandemic do to COVID-19 and the whole world is still in a state of emergency, these selfish inconsiderate ways of this security manager should not be the poster model for businesses and the people of America and across the world.

Savage says we need to be the opposite of this person who clearly has psychological and inexperience issues, we need to check up on our seniors as well and help one another get past this pandemic.


Hon. Ronald Savage, Former Member of the New York State Democratic Committee & a Civil Rights Advocate, Owner of the Hip Hop Movement

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