June 23, 2024

A High Time For New Thinking And Bold Stan



I am not a soldier. But I have read books about extreme evilness and barbarism of the medieval ethnic, religious and political genocidal massacres. I have read testimonials from military experts about the atrocities and ugliness of modern warfare, such as the wars of independence, civil war, World Wars, and the ongoing Middle East and African genocides. I spoke with ethnic cleansing survivors from Eastern Europe, Africa and South East Asia. I interviewed a Vietnam veteran who was part of ‘search and destroy’ operations in Cambodia. I watched in extreme horror my fellow New Yorkers hopelessly jumping from over hundred stories to escape hateful infernos on 9/11.

I don’t have to be expert in wars to know for certain, we must prevent wars and immediately end all conflicts that are mainly driven by economic motives. I spent eye-opening years on Wall Street dealing with investment bankers and certified investors whose primary goal is maximizing profit for their portfolios. Whether those returns on investment come from selling arms to factions, private prison operations in urban communities, polluted environment, indecent and unethical industries, corruption, and mercenary activities, extra. Every morning, their eyes glue to their screens searching for market moving stories, including horrendous developments with potential to ‘move in or move out’ of certain positions. Every decision is made with the goal of securing high yield on investment for the shortest amount of time possible. Even our government, that is beholden to Wall Street, makes decision based on economics calculation, including decisions with potential military and civilian death tolls. That’s why experts advised us to follow the money for answers to any and all conflicts, local or international.

So let us change this primitive practice once and for all. Let us make ‘life’ be the deciding factor for all our decisions hereforward. Enough of wars. Enough of free reign for warmongers. The best investment yield is preserving ‘life’ while the best investment opportunity is to invest in peaceful coexistence. Thank you!


Sheikh Musa Drammeh
New York Peace Coalition

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