#Beirut’s Smoke-Life# by Sudipta Maity

poem on the August Beirut blast

2 699
  The day of the explosion
  He faces the challenge of existence
  A quarter of homeless children.
  Screams of fear in the air
  Increase in sea fat
  Intense silence on the last oath.
  The window glass trembled
  In the afternoon light .
  Live video lying on the ground.
  In a moment
  Life mixed with smoke
  The injured body
  Treated on the pavement.
  1. Satishchandran Matamp says

    Beirut’s Smoke -Life is quite a disturbing picture of the bombings and its aftermath, captured in piercing audio visual images of the painful reality of life. As you go on reading the words, you begin to hear the blast louder and louder. Bravo dear Sudipta!

    1. Shreyan Dey says

      Pathetic Situation 🥺

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