July 13, 2024

From now on,

However hard and painful I am,

I wont draw the rainbow about you

Nor will I raise the voice of complaint and resentment.


From now on,

I wont turn my back nor will I avoid your eye

Like the couple in whom the dregs of disappointment and anger

Has been piled up for many years.


From now on,

Even though you do hateful or evil deeds,


Ill become a mother with a sickly child,

Hug you shedding tears

Instead of a cane

And fold my hands falling to my knees

Worrying about your future.


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5 thoughts on “Politics: I’ll Kneel by Wansoo Kim

  1. I express my hearty gratitude to New York Parrot for posting my poem. I
    pray New York parrot will prosper more and more.

  2. It’s a wonderful poem seonsangnim. It’s Simple yet powerful in its theme and the message is sharp. I can feel the love even if the human nature is evil. So empathetic, sad, painful and yet gives a sense of attachment, affection, care, importance and love. Loved the read sir.

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